Laura Worley | FasterEFT Practitioner | Power to Change Coaching | Las Vegas, Nevada

Laura Worley
Las Vegas, NV
Skype- laura.worley5
Laura Worley | FasterEFT Practitioner | Power to Change Coaching | Las Vegas, Nevada

Laura Worley | FasterEFT Practitioner | Power to Change Coaching | Las Vegas, Nevada
My name is Laura Worley, and I am a Certified Level IV Advanced Faster EFT Practitioner, Certified in EFT, AAMET Levels 1 & 2, and Matrix Reimprinting, also, use Matrix Energetics and NLP.

I do a lot of inner child work because it is my belief that is where the root of all of our problems start.

FasterEFT is the main technique used.  I also use a special modality tool to recover suppressed memories called the TASA System.  The TASA System allows me to get to the root quickly and easily.  

I specialize in stress-related issues: Trauma, Addictions, Sexual Abuse, physical and emotional abuse, and PTSD, and DID, but I also work with pain, anger,  fear, relationship issues, guilt, shame, loneliness, damaging beliefs, spirituality issues and much more.  
Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

If you are tired of being miserable and creating the same problems over and over let me show you a simple, yet profound tool you can use to release the stress in your life. Many people struggle in life with emotional pain that prevents them from living life in the way you want.  The struggles you are dealing with can be addressed with FasterEFT to find the root cause of your problem and then you can release and let go of the emotional pain that is keeping you stuck.

I know for many of you finding FasterEFT can be the last bit of hope before giving up.  You have tried everything, so why would this work on me you might ask yourself?  The answer is we are working with your subconscious mind and body to address your problem.  After all you are the creator of your problem, and because you created your problem doesn't it make sense you can uncreate the problem?  You were not born with your problem. You have learned how to create the problem because of your experiences and what your subconscious mind decided to do. The subconscious mind has a goal to protect you.  It just sometimes does it in away that makes us crazy.  Haha!

It is possible to let go of old beliefs, painful experiences, traumas, recover from abuse, and let go of addictions. It is possible to live free of stress, pain, disease, sadness, loneliness, depression, and mental illness.
The good news... you can change your life forever with FasterEFT!

FasterEFT is a thinking system that uses the subconscious mind and the body to release the negative thoughts and emotions that are held inside.  We take each negative event and change it into a positive.  Your mind is really just a recorder, recording the events since you were born. 

If you want to change your life you must change what the subconscious mind holds.  Since the subconscious mind runs most of our life we need to work with the big trouble maker!  What does that mean?  It means we must release the emotions that keep the events real in our mind.

The best example of what I mean is when you think of an event when you were 5 and it still feels so real.  You play it over and over like a bad movie, cry, and act as if it is real right now.  The truth is you are not 5 anymore, but the subconscious mind believes it is real.  Why?  It just knows this is what I hold.  The subconscious mind does not judge if this is good or bad, right or wrong.  It just knows this is what I have and I must recreate from it.  

If we could live our life by our conscious mind we would have no problems.  Logically we know we are not 5.  We know that we should not do this or that.  Then comes along the subconscious mind and says," Well when you were five, this ...happened. I must keep you safe.  In order to keep you safe I must create you to be fat, not be in a relationship, not have money, addictions, or whatever it is.  

FasterEFT uses the subconscious mind and body to unravel the  the things you have created that are causing so many problems in your life.  The beliefs and the patterns that have covered up who you really are can be changed forever.

You are not what has happened to you!  Using Faster EFT  you will begin to see your life in a whole new way.  There will be a realization of why you do what you do in your life that seems to cause so much pain.  When you understand why you have certain beliefs, and how you make your every day decisions around those beliefs, real change begins to take place.  Power and hope in your life will return.  Peace and joy will replace the pain and sadness of the past.

The mind and body work together perfectly to create our reality. With FasterEFT we use the system of our mind and body to get to the root of what is creating your problems.

Have you ever had a good memory and immediately you feel great all over? If you think about a bad memory again the same things happen.  You immediately start to feel bad all over again.  That is how powerful the brain is.  Within a matter of seconds you can change how you feel by just changing what you think.

Why does Faster EFT Work?

By tapping we are releasing negative emotions that are connected to stressful events.  Once the negative emotion is gone, there is no longer any emotional intensity attached to the event; it is simply something that happened.  When this shift in perspective has taken place, there is tremendous relief.  Amazingly enough this applies to letting go of past abuse and traumas.  The memory no longer has any power

One of the techniques I use with FasterEFT is something I developed called the TASA System which allow us to go in gently to those painful events and release the memories that are sometimes suppressed in a gently manner.  We can get to truths that hidden deep within the subconscious mind and use FasterEFT to tap away the pain at the same time. 

This was very important to me because of the painful experience I had in talk therapy.  I had a lot of suppressed memories that came up and I had no where to go with it.  It was very discouraging to me to say the least.  With FasterEFT and the TASA System you do not have to be re-traumatized.  You can let go of the pain as it comes up.

Many of my clients have used Faster EFT  to release heavy burdens they have carried around for years. People who have suffered heart breaking abuse and pain of every kind and have been able to let go of the painful emotions and start living a brand new life.   It has been a great privilege to see the transformation in their lives.  They have become free of their past.  They are living for today and their dreams are now becoming a reality.

I truly love my work. There
is nothing more rewarding
than to see someone change
into the person they have
always wanted to be. 
This transformation occurs
using Faster EFT. Faster EFT
is truly a gift to the world.

I hope you will take the
first step to change your life
forever.  You have the power
to change.  

The first step is always the hardest to make the call for help.  All things that are shared in a session are confidential. It will be my privilege to help you transform your life and work with those issues that are bothering you. 
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