Laura Worley | FasterEFT Practitioner | Power to Change Coaching | Las Vegas, Nevada

Laura Worley
Las Vegas, NV
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Laura Worley | FasterEFT Practitioner | Power to Change Coaching | Las Vegas, Nevada

Laura Worley | FasterEFT Practitioner | Power to Change Coaching | Las Vegas, Nevada
My name is Laura Worley, and I am a Certified Level IV Advanced Faster EFT  Coach, Certified in EFT, AAMET Levels 1 & 2, and Matrix Reimprinting, also, use Matrix Energetics and NLP.

I do a lot of inner child work because it is my belief that is where the root of all of our problems start.

FasterEFT is the main technique used.  I also use a special modality tool to recover suppressed memories called the TASA System.  The TASA System allows me to get to the root quickly and easily.  

I specialize in helping to release stress-related issues: Trauma, Addictions, Sexual Abuse, physical and emotional abuse.  I also work with pain, anger,  fear, relationship issues, guilt, shame, loneliness, damaging beliefs, spirituality issues and much more.  
Welcome to my website.  How can I help you?
Transforming Lives: Tapping, Faster EFT, and TASA  
Are you stuck and can’t seem to stop creating the same problems in your life? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you tried everything but nothing works and your life is getting worse?  

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  

There is another way – out of the pain and stress, the addictions, the hopelessness and helplessness, the heartbreaking abusive traumatic childhood memories, out of the sex abuse.  

Release Emotional Pain, the Triggers and the Traumas, and Suppressed Memory Recovery 

Faster EFT expert Trauma Release Coach, Laura Worley  works with the subconscious and conscious mind to teach people how to gently, carefully, and according to their own pace release the emotional pain, the triggers and traumas, and the stress all the way down to its roots and transform their lives, reclaim their hope, and heal. She is also an expert in carefully, systematically and safely recovering forgotten memory or blocked memory. This is the type of situation when you sense or are troubled that something “bad” happened but the event seems blocked from conscious memory.

Release Addiction, Sex Abuse, Past Trauma at the Root 

Whether you struggle with addiction, sex abuse, blocked memories, other extremely stressful, challenging situations, and the painful thoughts and feelings that accompany these issues, Laura has been where you may be. For many years she suffered devastating fear, pain, anger, and PTSD, due to early child sex abuse and other haunting bad memories, some blocked, others painfully alive in her psyche. After 20 years of therapy she had the pain, and no tools to cope or resolve the troubles.  

Then she discovered EFT meridian tapping, and things began to change. She also studied intensively a unique form of memory recovery (Link to Memory Recovery Page under Services) that has evolved into her own TASA system (LINK TO TASA), and four years ago she learned Faster EFT. As she persistently employed these modalities in her own life, amazingly quickly her pain and struggles resolved. The peace, hope, joy, lightness, optimism, and happy family she had long yearned for but been unable to imagine, became her natural state. Everything changed.  

Transforming Lives Through Faster EFT 

Laura has helped many clients effectively employ these techniques and transform their trauma literally into treasures, letting go of the old beliefs, the addictions, and the pain and abuse in a way that works for them. As a fulltime practitioner with an international practice, she travels throughout the states and the world working with and teaching and mentoring others. She loves her work. And it is because of her experience that she is so effective. She has a talent for helping others through extreme traumatic experiences in a gentle, supportive manner that keeps a person emotionally safe.  

You Are Not Your Problems. You Can Change. 

You are not born with your problems. And you are not your problems. Consider that your subconscious mind created the problem because that’s what it learned to do – and for good reason! To keep you safe. When you work persistently with Faster EFT it’s possible to release the patterns that have kept you in emotional pain and stuck all these years. Laura helps clients lay their demons to rest – finally. At the roots. So they don’t come back anymore.  

Here’s why. 

Faster EFT draws on emerging leading neuroscience relating to memory and how we change memories each time we think of them. It harnesses the brilliance of the subconscious mind and the body to work for your highest benefits. Imagine your mind as a recorder; recording everything from the day you were born, with the primary goal of keeping you safe.  

Subconscious: 40 million bits of data a second; Conscious putters at 40 bits of data. 

We’re talking about the subconscious mind, the part of our mind that processes according to well-respected scientist and Biology of Belief author Dr. Bruce Lipton, the equivalent of 40 million bits of data per second, as opposed to the conscious mind, which processes the equivalent of 40 bits of data per second. Who wins in a stand-off? What you want, or what will keep you “safe”?  

The Mechanism of Trauma and Its Long-term Footprint: A Survival Method 

When we have trauma, it is stored in long-term memory in the subconscious mind, which keeps recreating the event in your mind to ironically keep you safe. Therefore, when Jane, for example, experienced her sisters pushing her down outside with no one to protect her, she may have an imprint that says it’s not safe to be close with loved ones. Over the years, that could play out as not being able to have intimacy. Or, maybe when David was 5, something traumatic occurred and he understood from the 5 year old mind that in order to keep safe and out of harm’s way, I need to be fat, be addicted, or not have money, for example. 

Harness Your Brilliant Subconscious to Work for Your Highest Good 

Faster EFT harnesses the subconscious mind with all its glorious resources and uses its resources as guideposts to release the negative thoughts and emotions inside. We literally take each event and change it into a positive. Once the negative fear-based resource, is replaced or imprinted with a positive resource, there’s no more reason to stay addicted, keep safe, have no healthy relationship or money, or put the weight on.  

Letting the Past Go -- Relief 

We are not our memories. They are just a symptom of something that happened a long time ago. And when we change the way we hold our memories, there is a tremendous relief. The problem behavior no longer has power over you. Letting go becomes easy with persistent, appropriate Faster EFT work. And going into your past and resolving it becomes something to look forward to, as you have more and more of who you are.  

Hope, optimism, self love and faith in yourself, belief in the best, optimistic, and joy will naturally take its place in your heart, mind, and spirit.  

When you change Trauma, Addiction, Sex Abuse and Experience Your True Authentic Self Awesomeness (TASA) 

Laura has a talent and the expertise to help you navigate out of your past, overcome hardship, and experience peace, lightness, and a renewed sense of well-being and purpose. Live into the present and a future that is better than you could have possibly envisioned. 

Contact Laura Worley at or 702 – 419 – 3927.) 

Laura Worley works with clients from all over the world in her office in Las Vegas, Nevada,  as well as through Skype. You are welcome to contact her with questions or to schedule a Faster EFT appointment.  

 Laura: “I spent 20 years in talk therapy. I had a lot of memories suppressed that came out in different ways over time. I was left with a lot of pain, anger, depression, and confusion. The question I was left with was what am I supposed to do with all this pain and these traumatizing events?”—Laura Worley  

 “What would happen if you change your thoughts, which come from memory, which come from your past, which allows you to change your story?” 

“When we change our story/stories that have heretofore defined us and our lives and our world, we change how we think, we free resources that our subconscious mind has been using to “keep us safe,” and we change our lives. This is the amazing blessing of Faster EFT.” – Laura Worley 
Speak to Laura in a free consult that does not obligate you: or 702 – 419 – 3927.) 

 “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone change into the person they have always wanted to be.” – Laura Worley